Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Delhi Bomb Blasts of October 29

On October 29, 62 people were killed and many more injured in three bomb blasts in Delhi.

Here are the names of the dead (from the Yahoo egroup IndianCivilization)

The names of some of the victims of the Paharganj blast who had been brought to the RML hospital are:

1. Yash Mishra, aged seven months (s/o Sunil Mishra),
2. Suman Jain, 57 (w/o Naveen Chandra, Sadanand Paswan,
3. 36 (s/o Jogender Paswan) all of whom were Pahar Ganj residents.
Besides, the identity of two of the dead was yet to be ascertained.

The Lady Hardinge Hospital has issued a list of eleven dead, also victims of Paharganj blast:
1.Narendra Sant, 27 (son of Rajender Sant, resident of Gole market),
2. H Aanant, 70. Raman(son of Hari Haran, resident of PaharGanj),
3. Neha, 17 (daughter of Mahendra, resident of Gole Market),
4.Shiv Raman, 58 (Resident of Officers' flats, Panchkuian Road),
5. Meena Shivam, 47 (wife of Shiv Raman, resident of Panchkuian Road),
6.Vinod Kumar, 31 (son of Shiv Raman, resident of Panchkuain Road),
7. Lakshman Choudhary, 42 (son of Mohanty Choudhary, resident of Railway Colony, Pahar Ganj, belongs to Bihar),
8.Navita, 24,
9. Valmiki.
Two of the bodies are yet to be identified.

In the Safdarjung Hospital, where 44 victims of the Sarojini Nagar blast died, 31 bodies had been identified:
1. Sonakshi Gupta, 14,
2. Indrajit Gupta, 41,
3. Prachi, 38,
4. Aarti, 17,
5.Komla, 45,
6.Rachna Gupta, 39,
7.Lalchand, 32,
8.Bablu Paswan, 30,
9. Kanchan Choudhary, 26,
10.Sushma Kochar, 48,
11. Mahesh Kochar, 54,
12. Maitri Bhatacharya, 8,
13.Kumbha Bhatacharya, 42,
14.Rajeev Nigam, 45,
15. Alwin Michael, 16,
16.Suman gupta, 45,
17. Balram, 8,
18.Gina Jha, 35,
19.Karan Podar, 7,
20.Suman, 32,
21.B S Murthy, 75,
23.Dilbag Singh, 35,
24.Upamaitra Sharma, 4,
25.Surender Prasad, 22,
26.Satyabrata Mukherjee, 45,
27.Supriya Mukherjee, 38,
28.Uttkarsh Gupta, 3,
29.Satya Narayan Bharadwaj,
30 Poonam, 18 and
31.Rajni, 40.

The two dead at the AIIMS have not been identified.

The total number of the dead now is 62 out which only 43 had been identified.


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